Coal plays an important role in our country’s development. In the power generation business, it has proven to be a viable fuel alternative as more than a third (in effect the largest percentage) of the Philippines power needs are produced using coal. Furthermore, its importance will be further enhanced as it will be the fuel of choice of majority of the power plants that are being built to address our growing electricity need.

Similar to the power generation industry, coal has also been a viable fuel alternative in various manufacturing industries as more and more factories nowadays are using coal-fired boilers. MAXIPACIFIC CORPORATION has been supplying quality coal to many of these factories since 2006. From various supply sources both here and abroad, our coal is transported to Manila to ensure prompt deliveries to our valued customers. To augment the growing demand of our customers, we recently increased our stocking capability with the addition of a 5,000 sqms of coal stockpile located in Navotas to ensure stable and uninterrupted coal supply. This depot is supported by numerous state-of-the-art loading equipment and an efficient delivery system operated by highly professional staff to handle the requirement of our customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

MAXIPACIFIC CORPORATION supplies two types of coal – bituminous and sub-bituminous coal, as well as various grades to cater to specific needs of customers.


Local Coal

As part of our sourcing strategy and help boost the local economy, majority of our coal are supplied from Semirara Coal Corporation’s mines in Antique. The properties of this coal meets the requirements of majority of the Philippine manufacturing industries.

Gross Calorific Value, adb:  
5000 -5400
Total Moisture:
27 - 34
Inherent Moisture:
15 - 20
Fixed Carbon:
36 - 40
Volatile Matter:
36 - 42
8 - 12
Maximum Sulfur Content:  
 Size (0 – 50mm):

Imported Coal

Fully aware of the different quality requirements of our customers, MAXIPACIFIC CORPORATION imports coal from various Indonesian coal mines, ensuring stable supply at competitive price. Below are the various types of our imported coal and their corresponding properties:

Grade A B C D E F
Gross Calorific Value, adb, in kcal/kg 6300-6500 6100-6300 5800-6000 5600-5800 5300-5500 5100-5300
Properties, % by wt.            
Total Moisture 10-15 12-17 15-20 20-26 27-34 30-38
Inherent Moisture 7 7-10 9-12 11-15 15-20 20-26
Fixed Carbon 34-38 32-36 30-36 36-40 36-40 36-40
Volatile Matter 38-41 38-43 38-43 38-43 36-42 34-40
Ash 14 17 14-18 8-12 8-12 8-12
Maximum Sulfur 1 1 1 1 1 1
Size (0-50mm) 90 90 90 90 90 90